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This knowledge base contains the educational resources created and maintained by current and former members of the SkilStak learning community of practice who wish to share what they have learned and organize it into the SkilStak Taxonomy. Content is private and access restricted but anyone with a GitHub account may request access. This access restriction is primarily to ensure the quality of the content, its distribution, and presentation. Because it changes so rapidly we want to be sure everyone knows not to copy anything that could instantly become out-dated. Besides, we want to know who is using the resource and how so that we may help if needed.

This premium content is used in place of a traditional textbook because it can be updated at the speed of innovation and contains the latest technology, pedagogical approaches, conventional wisdom, best practices, and paradigms. Indeed, we believe knowledge bases such as this will one day replace all other written forms of educational content—first in the highly dynamic area of technology. Content consumers contribute corrections as GitHub issues or even write their own content submissions. Editors and curators ensure top-quality contributions. The very act of creating and maintaining on GitHub promotes mastery of GitHub itself—an absolutely essential service to master for any technologist.

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Note: links below will return 404 errors until you are granted access. Otherwise, if you encounter any broken links or other errors please take a moment to open an issue about it so we can immediately correct it, and thanks in advance for your contributions. (They will even earn you a GitHub green dot for the day.)

⚠️ By proceeding you acknowledge that you have read and understood age appropriateness as it relates to this knowledge base. Content is designed for those 13 and up, but some externally linked content may only be suitable for those 17 and older (such as documentaries and tech publications).

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SkilStak Taxonomy

The SkilStak Taxonomy is drawn from many different domains including instructional design, computer science, human resources, career planning, game design, artisanal trades, and athletics.

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